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Subscription Suggestions 004

1 min read

Want to learn about ?

Here are some interesting accounts from in no particular order.

Just copy the URL and paste it into the Subscribe requester in

and some Twitter Search Feeds.

I'll add more to this list as I find them , if you have any suggestions then leave a comment or Contact me.

If you are having login problems on recently it may be related to this update of the Tiny Tiny RSS source code :-

Contact me if it continues.

Awesome RSS Firefox Extension

1 min read

Looking for a way of intergrating into your Firefox browser ?

Check out the Awesome RSS Firefox Extension.

I have written up the simple installation and configuration instructions in the FAQ/Browser page.

Thanks to nodiscc on the Tiny Tiny RSS Forums for discovering and sharing this.

Another frozen VPS issue this morning at 0930.
The VPS took about ten minutes to reboot instead of the claimed two minutes which already seems excessive.
It seems stable and fast again now.
I am keeping a closer eye on its performance.

Once again , Apologies for the downtime.

2018-09-30 15:05 The VPS appears to be down , I am having problems actually controlling the VPS via the Management Interface.
2018-09-30 15:33 I've put a helpdesk ticket ( 4439551567 ) in with OVH.

2018-09-30 19:27 Server is back up again. Not sure what the problem was as I only logged in via Rescue mode and forced a disk check. No response from OVH yet.

Apologies for the downtime.

I have reduced the FORCE_ARTICLE_PURGE variable further from 180 to 90 , now only three months unread articles are kept now.

If you need to keep an article permanently then star it.

This should make the site quicker.

Installed the ttrss-tumblr-gdpr-ua plugin.

Tumblr feeds should now work.
Make sure you have enabled the plugin in Preferences / Plugins first.

XMPP Chat Server

1 min read

Today I setup a XMPP Chat server for users.

Join the chatroom.

Contact me for a free XMPP account , use your own , or get one elsewhere.

XMPP Clients :-

Fool : Manually visiting a website three times a day.
Cool :